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If you run payroll in an external system, y ou use the data import method shown here in the R/3 System.


You have set up the ALE distribution model in Customizing.

Process Flow

Importing Data to the R/3 Payroll System

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

For documentation on the BAPI and its interfaces, see the BAPI Explorer.

Payroll Account Transfer: Payroll Periods (T558B)

Transfer Wage Types with Split Indicator (T558B)

Transfer External Payroll-Arrears Results International (T558E)

For performance reasons, these tables are only updated once per input file.

Before the data is transferred to the tables, the system deletes the existing entries for the respective personnel numbers. The Start date (BEGDA) and End date (ENDDA) fields are filled with the end date of the current payroll period.


To create an example for an input file, you can use report RPUOUTIDOC. This report creates IDocs from the entries in tables T558B, T558D, and T558I. You can write to a file interface using the IDoc exit.

SAP recommends this method. Other methods for data import:

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