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To call up loading output, proceed as follows:

  1. From shipping, choose Communication / Printing ® Loading Output.
  2. Enter the output type, the transmission medium, and, if required, further selection parameters.
  3. Choose Program ® Execute.
  4. The Output from Grouped Deliveries screen appears, which contains a list of all outputs that meet your selection criteria.

  5. Select the outputs that you want to edit.

Editing options

To change the print parameters, choose Edit ® Printer default.

If you selected the transmission medium Print, all the selected outputs get their print parameters from the Printer Default screen.

To generate a screen display of the output, choose Goto ® Print preview.

If you have generated outputs using SAPscript print formatting (delivery notes and packing list, for instance), you can generate an onscreen display of the output before you edit it.

To change details of an output, choose Goto ® Communication.

You can change the following details for transmission mediums Print and Telefax.

Transmission medium



Spool parameters


Telefax number

For all other transmission media, the system displays only the parameters for editing, which cannot be changed.

  1. Choose Edit ® Process.

The selected outputs are generated and edited.

If you would like to have a log generated after editing the output, choose Goto ® Log.


If you would like to have a worklist displayed for all outputs that were not processed successfully, select Processing mode 3 on the Output from Grouped Deliveries initial screen. The system displays all types of output with errors, and you can then edit them once again.





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