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This procedure applies to printing output for sales documents and billing documents.

You can:



Print output

When changing or displaying sales documents

Display output on the screen

When adding, changing, or displaying sales documents


If you display the output on the screen, the system displays the current document data. This means that you can enter a new text relevant for the output and see the result on the screen before you save it.


The general prerequisites that are described in Structure link Printing Output (SD) also apply here.

In the output screen in the sales document, you must also enter number 3 ( immediate) in the Time column for the output you want to print.


The following procedure illustrates how to print output, using a sales document as an example.

  1. On the sales screen, choose Sales document ® Change or Display.
  2. Enter a document number and choose Sales document ® Issue output to.
  3. Note

    You can also choose Extras ® Output ® Header or Item ® Print Preview on the overview screen of the sales document. You can only print a changed sales document once you have saved the data. This prevents you from sending data in a printout to the customer before it has been saved in the system.

  4. In the Issue Output dialog box, select the output that you wish to print.
  5. Choose:
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