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By providing you with immediate access to the information about a customer that you need, the sales summary enables you to prepare for all your pre-sales activities and provide the best customer care. You can use it to:


You can display the sales summary directly in the sales activity to see any information about your customer that might be relevant to the activity you are undertaking.

You can view the sales summary in the Structure link address list to determine whether the customer should be included in the direct mailing.

An HTML version of the sales summary is available in external systems, such as mobile sales.


To determine which info blocks should be displayed in the sales summary and how they should be combined in views, see the IMG under Sales and Distribution ® Sales Support (CAS) ® Sales Summary.

If you want the sales summary to appear differently to specific users, you can assign views to users in this Customizing step. If you do not do this, the system displays the standard reporting view.

ExampleYou can group the information blocks that are relevant for telesales (quick info, promotional agreements, and credit-relevant information) into one reporting view and assign it to those users who work in your call center.

If you want to print out the sales summary, ensure that output type MAK 3 has been assigned to sales activities in the IMG for Sales and Distribution under Basic Functions ® Output Control ® Output Determination ® Maintain Output Determination for Sales Activities.


The sales summary is made up of a header and main body.

The header contains a View field where you can decide which grouping of information you require and an Info block field, which enables you to go directly to the info block you require.

Note If more than one customer is listed in a sales activity, the header contains an additional Customer field. Here you can choose the customer whose sales summary you require.

The main body contains information blocks that display a wide variety of data for a particular customer. The standard system contains the following info blocks:

There are two versions of the sales summary in Sales Support. The advanced version in HTML format is available in sales activities and address lists. The standard version is used to display information on groups of customers or common characteristics.


In the sales activity, choose the Sales summary tab page.

In the View field, choose which information you wish to see. For example, if this is the first time you have dealt with the customer, choose Complete view to see all the information available.

In the Info block field, choose an info block to branch to it directly, instead of scrolling up and down to find the one that you need.

Choose the white, triangular icons to branch directly to the relevant documents, such as the latest sales activity for the customer, backorders or credit master sheets.

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