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When a production order has no quantity structure, you cost it using the unit costing function.


  1. Choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Product Cost Controlling ® Cost Object Controlling ® Product Cost by Order ® Planning ® CO Production Order ® Create/Change Plan Costs.
  2. Enter the order and choose ENTER.
  3. The screen Copy Cost Estimate appears. The system proposes a costing variant through the planning profile. Choose a costing variant.

  4. If you want to copy costing items using the reference and simulation costing functions, either enter a base planning object or specify the material and control parameters for a cost estimate without quantity structure.
  5. Enter the lot size that you want to use for costing, and choose ENTER.
  6. The list screen of the cost estimate without quantity structure is displayed.

  7. Enter the costing items.
  8. Save the cost estimate.

If you have entered a costing sheet and (if applicable) an overhead key in the master record of the production order, the system calculates the overhead and assigns it to costing items of item category G.


You cannot plan the costs for a production order using a cost estimate without quantity structure if the production order is linked to a run schedule header.



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