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In view Basic Data enter the function a description and a logical (internal program) function name, and determine a name space. In the view Language, you can enter external function names in other languages.

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Basic Data of Function


Here, enter a short description of the function. Through option Documentation, you can enter a detailed description.

Logical Function Names

The logical function name is the clear function description (part of the internal programming). This name is the same for all languages.


Choose the environment or sub-environment to which the function should be assigned.

Name Space

You can use the Name space field to distinguish your own functions from those functions provided in the standard SAP System. You can buy name spaces from SAP or use a default name space. The SAP name space is SAP.

For more information about working with name spaces, see Structure link Name Spaces and Naming Conventions (BC-CTS-NAM).

Language of Function

In the view Language, you can assign the external function names and descriptions in other languages to the function.

Enter the external function names in the field with the same name. This name is language-dependent.


Functions - Basic Data / Naming

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