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You are on the maintenance screen for the enterprise organization, and have already selected cost centers, business processes, or profit centers.


In the search area you can look for inactive cost centers, business processes, or profit centers.


  1. Select the inactive object that you want to delete,
    1. In the list in the selection area, or
    2. In the tree structure in the overview area.


    You can select more than one object in the selection area and/or the overview area.

  2. Choose Delete inactive version.
  3. A dialog box appears that contains a list of all inactive objects. The objects that you selected in the selection list or structure tree are already marked in this list.


    If you have not yet selected any objects, you can mark in this dialog box all the inactive objects that you want to delete.

  4. In the dialog box, choose Delete inactive version.

The system deletes the marked inactive objects.


You can delete inactive master data in Customizing also. In Customizing for the relevant application component, choose Master Data ® <Object> ® Delete inactive <objects>.

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