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A number of periodic tasks are executed on a regular basis (daily, weekly, or monthly) in the SAP System. An example of such a task is period-end closing. This requires the processing of a large number of individual objects at certain times. This process is supported by the individual components of the Schedule Manager.


Flow definition

In a flow definition, you can link tasks to each other if they are related or if you wish to use a worklist in them. You can therefore schedule a flow definition as a task in the scheduler.

See also Using the Flow Definition in the SAP Library.


In the scheduler, you can schedule tasks in a structure tree. You can use drag-and-drop in a daily overview to enable the system to execute the tasks at a certain time.

See also Using the Scheduler in the SAP Library.


The monitor gives you an overview of the scheduled tasks during and after processing. You can correct faulty objects in a worklist.

See also Using the Monitor in the SAP Library.


Objects that are to be processed in a processing step sequence are managed in the worklist.

The worklist monitor presents information such as which objects were processed without errors and which objects could not be processed. You can display information on the cause of errors, and thus control the way in which the object is processed further.

The worklist ensures that when a processing step sequence is processed again, the system only processes the objects which had errors or which you manually instructed the system to reprocess. Define the processing step sequence in the flow definition.

See also Multilevel Worklist in the SAP Library.

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