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The BOM is exploded on one level on the result screen in the sales order. Other configurable material can be contained in the BOM and these can be configured. However, the BOMs of these materials are not exploded in the sales order.

You can combine this setting with Process: Sales order when dealing with configurable material of the BOM that you want to assemble in a set structure.

See also: Process: Sales Order

Example Example

The materials PC and MONITOR are configurable. The monitor has its own configuration profile and characteristics. The configurable PC has the setting BOM explosion: single level in its configuration profile. On the result screen in the sales order, you see the selected components.

Configurable material MONITOR can also be configured in the sales order. However, the BOM of the PC is not exploded, because a single-level explosion only is defined for the header material. The configuration parameters for the material MONITOR are not important in this instance.

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You can use filters in the configuration profile to restrict the scope of the BOM items (see Filters for BOM Explosion).


The selection conditions for BOM components of the monitor must refer to the characteristics of the monitor with object variable $PARENT for example, $PARENT.MANUFACTURER = 'Sony'.


The configuration profile of the header material has the configuration parameter BOM explosion: single level.

Process Flow

  1. Create a sales order and enter the configurable material as an order item.
  2. You see the configuration editor, where you assign values to the characteristics of the material. You can then display the result of the BOM explosion by choosing Result.
  3. If any of the selected BOM components are also configurable materials, you can assign values to the characteristics of these materials. However, the BOMs of these materials are not exploded.
  4. The header material appears as a sales order item. If the BOM contains further sales-relevant items, these are included as sub-items. The characteristic values assigned to the header material and the subordinate configurable materials are saved.
  5. In the planned order or production order, BOM components and operations for the configured materials are determined according to the characteristic values assigned.


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