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Primary Costs from other components, like Financial Accounting (FI), and Material Management (MM), can be directly transferred to business process. For more information on account assignments in controlling, go to Structure link Account Assignment of Controlling Objects.

The primary posting generates two documents:

The line items are grouped according to the criteria for cost element/controlling object and saved as a Totals record.

A central interface program controls the transfer of primary data. For more information on this topic, go to Structure link Interface to Other R/3 Components.


You can use the business process as an object for an additional account assignment.


Primary costs from financial accounting

While making postings in the financial accounting, you can also assign business processes to accounts. The system displays the field Business Process in the entry screen of the posting. You can ensure this by setting the status of field Business Process as an optional entry while you are in the IMG of financial accounting. Follow these steps:

Primary costs from material management

Purchase orders and purchase requisitions

In the material management, you can use an additional account assignment to a business process while handling purchase orders, purchase requisitions, goods received and goods issued.

For purchase orders and purchase requisitions, the field for Business Process of at least one account assignment category must be set as an Optional entry in the IMG for material management. You can reach the relevant IMG point by using path: Material Management ® Purchasing ® Account Assignment ® Maintain Account Assignment Categories (see: Structure link Account Assignments).

When you enter a purchase order or a purchase requisition, provide an account assignment category containing the business process that is defined as Optional entry. After entering the item you can go to the account assignment, and enter the number of the business processes there (see: Structure link Manually Creating Purchase Orders and Structure link Creating Orders).

Goods received and issued

The business process must be defined as Optional entry for goods movements. Do this for each movement type in the IMG for material management using path: Material Management ® Inventory Management and Physical Inventory ® Goods Issue / Transfer Posting ® Define Screen Layout. You can also use path: Material Management ® Inventory Management and Physical Inventory ® Goods Receipt ® Define Screen Layout. Choose a movement type, and use the additional account assignment to set the business process as Optional entry.

For entries of goods received or issued, choose a movement type that can be assigned to an account to a business process; then enter the number of the business process in the area account assignment.

More information is available under Structure link Goods Issue and Structure link Goods Receipt.


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