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If you use production resources/tools (PRT) that have an equipment master record you can,

You can thus plan your maintenance activities sensibly. The current wear level is taken into account during availability checks in production orders..


You create the following information for the maintenance planning of PRTs :

PRT Wear Counter

In Plant Maintenance you create a counter for the PRT. You assign the counter a characteristic whose unit is suitable for measuring PRT wear. You enter the counter in the equipment master record of the PRT.

You determine the initial counter level by creating the number of available units in a measurement document. When you confirm a production order the system produces a corresponding measurement document for the relevant PRT. In other words the counter level is updated automatically.

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Expected Wear

You determine the expected wear during the assignment of PRTs to routings by creating the following data:

The usage value must have the same unit as the PRT wear counter.

The system also uses this formula to calculate the actual wear from the confirmed yield during confirmation. The PRT wear counter is updated with the values that have been calculated in such manner (see PRT wear counter above).


Maintenance Plan

You define a maintenance plan, so that PRTs are regularly serviced. In the maintenance plan you lay down which tasks are carried out at which counter levels. You enter this maintenance plan in the PRT equipment master record.

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