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Routings enable you to plan the production of materials (products). Therefore, routings are used as a template for production orders and run schedules as well as as a basis for product costing.


In order to

You also require the components

Plan the usage of materials

Material master (LO-MD-MM)

Plan the use of work centers

Work centers (PP-BD-WKC)

Plan the external processing of operations

Purchasing (MM-PUR)

Plan quality inspections that accompany production

Quality planning (QM-PT)

Prepare cost calculation according to routings

Controlling (CO)

Plan and to document changes to routings

Engineering Change Management (LO-ECH)

Classify routings

Classification system (CA-CL)

Automatically calculate the planned values for the activities to be produced

CAPP Standard Value Calculation (PP-BD-CAP)

In the R/3 System, routings have the same basic structure as the following objects:

·        Master recipes

·        Inspection plans

·        Maintenance plans

·        Standard networks

Therefore, routings are cumulated with these objects under the superordinate term Task list.


In a routing you plan

·        The operations (work steps) to be carried out during production

·        The activities to be performed in the operations as a basis for determining dates, capacity requirements, and costs

·        The use of materials during production

·        The use of work centers

·        The quality checks to be carried out during production


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