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System administration can execute reports for business processes at period-end closing for the persons responsible and save the reports in extracts. Reports with data selected for individual business processes or business process groups appear with a variation limiting the report information to an individual/group report.

System administration can set user parameters for the persons responsible so that the reports automatically access the latest extracts.

Each person responsible sees only the relevant data. Report selection need not be run repeatedly, leaving the SAP System performance significantly improved.

In addition, the persons responsible cannot navigate in other extract areas without authorization.

System administration would have the authorization to select the data for the extract. However, it will not be able to display reports without authorization.

The managers responsible for the business processes would have the authorization to display reports relating to the responsibility area. However, they will not have the authorizations to select data or create extracts.


Process Flow

  1. Your organization assigns authorizations for system administrators and the responsible persons for business processes.
  2. System administration decides to provide all users the reports in EURO.
  3. The system administration generates the report with the variation and saves it in extracts.
  4. System administration saves the extract management settings for persons responsible for business processes in the Implementation Guide (IMG).
  5. The responsible persons save the report selection criteria in their user-specific settings.
  6. The person responsible calls up the report.



Each person responsible for a business process can display the relevant reports quickly and easily.

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