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The SAP System offers an extensive and flexible information system for analysis of the cost and quantity flows in your organization. You can repeat standard evaluations as well as create reports for unique questions and situations. The interactive design of the information system allows you to analyze all costs directly after their entry in the SAP System and to follow their development down to the document level. You can execute all reports available on-line in the background, which is especially useful for large volumes of data.


In the information system for the Activity-Based Costing Component (CO-ABC), you can use reports to analyze cost and quantity flows. To evaluate the cost and quantity flows from business processes to cost objects, you can use the reports from the information system in the Product Cost Controlling component (CO-PC). The assignments to profitability segments are documented in the profitability and market segment analyses (CO-PA).


The information system includes all functions for:


You can have an overview of the contents and the requirements of the report under Interactive Information System or under Important Standard Reports.

PC Interface

The SAP System supports report downloads to PC workstations. You then have the option of working further on reports with other tools, such as Microsoft® Excel.

Report/Report Interface

You can use the report/report interface from a report display for interactive call up of any rows or columns in other reports. This permits you to view entire "analysis chains" for example, you can branch from a business process report to a line item report, or to a display of posting documents, in order to examine cost origins in detail.

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Report/Report Interface


You can change the report layout flexibly. For presentation purposes, you can display numbers easily in graphical form.

Report List

The SAP System offers a great number of standard reports for common evaluations. You can use Report Painter for simple, quick definition of customer-specific reports.

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