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You use planner profiles to control the planning process. These are structured hierarchically. You specify the planning layout used for each planning area, such as cost element/activity inputs, activity type/activity price, or statistical key figure planning. A planner profile must contain one planning layout for each planning area.

Profile items assign the planning layouts in the planner profile. Currently, each planning area must have exactly one profile item.

In a planner profile, you can set the following planning conditions.

The R/3 System includes the following standard planner profiles:

Planner Profile



Overhead Cost Controlling (CO-OM):

Business process planning


Overhead Cost Controlling (CO-OM):

Planning of primary costs/activity types/statistical key figures


Overhead Cost Controlling (CO-OM):

Planning of activity inputs/activity types/statistical key figures


Overhead Cost Controlling (CO-OM):

Secondary order costs/activity types for cost component splitting/activity-dependent statistical key figures


Standard profiles SAP101, SAP102, SAP104, and SAPALL include the following standard planning layouts relevant to the Activity-Based Costing component (CO-OM-ABC):

Business processes as senders on:

Business processes as receivers from:

Standard layouts for planning of cost centers and orders supplement these standard profiles. Profiles SAP101 and SAP102 cover most general planning situations, and profile SAPALL covers all situations arising in business process planning.

For more information on creating a planner profile, see the Implementation Guide (IMG) under Activity-Based Costing ® Planning ® Aids for Manual Planning ® Maintain Custom Planner Profiles.



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