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You enter plan data in the Controlling component (CO) with entry screens that you can structure using the Report Painter functions in Customizing. The planning screens are referred to as Planning Layouts.

The standard R/3 System includes several commonly used planning layouts. These layouts are assigned to a planner profile for each planning area (see Planner Profiles). A planner profile can thus include several planning layouts belonging to different planning areas, but cannot include more than one planning layout from the same planning area. You can group planning layouts efficiently by assigning them to planner profiles. During planning you can switch between the different planning areas of a planner profile.


Before switching planning layouts within a planning area, you must save the data of the layout you wish to leave.

We recommend creating separate planner profiles with related planning layouts depending on the organizational structure.

Planning on the basis of flexible data entry screens offers many advantages.

You can:



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