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You can use activity requirement values determined in long-term planning (LTP) or in Sales and Operations Planning (SOP) as a basis for plan values in the Activity-Based Costing component (CO-OM-ABC).

You can use process templates to determine quantities and involved. The template environment for quantity and process determination is SOP.

The environment SOP includes the subenvironment functions:

In addition, environment SOP includes a great number of other standard functions. These functions allow you to:

You can enhance the SOP environment with your own functions (see Functions in Environments).

For more information, see the R/3 Library under Controlling ® Cost Center Accounting ® Cost Center Planning ® Planning Process ® Transferring Scheduled Production. Structure linkScheduled Activity Transfer


You can find more information on setting up templates in Transferring Scheduled Activities from PP.

You can find more information on transfers under Transferring Scheduled Activities from Production.


Scheduled Activity Transfer

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