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Plan reconciliation takes the various internal plans and coordinates and adjusts their activity exchanges.

Use plan reconciliation in the following situations:

  1. Initial planning
  2. The process quantity is planned independently for each business process. This can result in inconsistencies between sender and receiver business processes. Plan reconciliation helps avoid this problem.

  3. Plan adjustments

If the plan process quantity of a receiver process changes, the entire planning network must be adjusted accordingly. Plan reconciliation displays and analyzes those areas where the changes affect planning.

As part of plan reconciliation, plan process quantities of sender business processes are corrected along with plan process quantities of receiver business processes. The SAP System changes variable process quantities and process costs accordingly. The fixed portions of participating process quantities and process costs remain unchanged.


For more information, see the R/3 Library under Controlling ... / Cost Center Accounting Structure link Executing Plan Reconciliation.



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