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  1. Choose the transaction for the template allocation in your application.
  2. Enter the receiver object(s) (see Structure link Selection variant).
  3. Enter the version (if more than one exists) and the periods and fiscal year for the allocation.
  4. You can determine the type of processing and the preparation of results with the Test run, Background processing, and Detail list indicators.
      1. If you activate the Test run indicator, the SAP system runs the template allocations without posting the results. We recommend using the Detail list indicator together with the Test run indicator so that you may then analyze the test run results.
      2. If you need to process large volumes of data, use the Background processing indicator for executing the allocation during periods of low system use.
  5. To execute the template allocation, choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text or Allocation ® Execute.
  6. After the results are displayed ( Structure link Display run results: Template Allocation), you can use the Structure link Template Trace: Basic Screen for a more detailed/broken down view.
  7. In Structure link Display Detail it is also possible to view the results of individual template cells.
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