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A workflow contains both business processes, "Checking" and "Controlling". An appropriate SBP template already exists. The processes "Checking" and "Controlling" are assigned to the appropriate Workflow definition and template.

Whenever the business process "Controlling" is executed, "Checking" is also carried out.

Workflow Definition for Business Process "Checking"

Business process "Checking" contains two tasks and receives activities from two cost centers/activity types.

A task with two steps is created in Workflow Builder: step 1 consists of the jobs done in cost center FUNCTIONCHECK/activity type INHR (INSPECTIONHOURS); step 2 consists of those in cost center MATERIALCHECK/activity type INHR (INSPECTIONHOURS).

Assigning cost data

The following cost data is assigned:

Workflow Definition for Business Process "Controlling"

Business process "Controlling" consists of a task and a business process. It receives activities from cost center ENDCONTROLLING, activity type CLHR (CLERKHOURS).

The system created a workflow definition in the Workflow Builder with one step and a sub-process: step 1 consists of cost center task ENDCONTOLLING/activity type CLHR (CLERKHOURS), and the business process "Checking" is entered as the sub-process.

Assigning cost data

The following cost data are assigned: cost center ENDCONTROLLING/activity type CLHR (CLERKHOURS) : standard quantity 0.5.

Business process "Controlling" is planned with an output of 1,200.

You can now view the allocation relationship through the structure explosion (see: Explode Structure Process).

Template-Allocation Results

You receive the following results when you run the template allocation:



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