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You can use the workflow to reproduce business work steps in the SAP System. The workflow serves as an interface between organization and controlling.

To do this, you define a workflow in which you describe and specify each of the tasks in a business process.

You can assign these types of workflow definitions to business processes. This enables you to create allocation systems that calculate the data of various business processes and/or cost centers/activity types.


You must complete the following:

Creating or Choosing a Workflow Definition/Assigning Business Processes

Assigning Cost Data to Each Task

For procedures, see: Maintaining Task Costs


Creating a Template in The SBP Environment

Create a template in the SBP environment (for procedures, see Maintaining templates and Template for business processes/cost centers).

Enter the following data:

Business process category


Plan: Qty. factor

Actual: Qty. factor

Cost center / activity type

In the selection editor, choose:

as relational operand 1: SEND_COST_CTR_ATYP_OBJECT_NO

as relational operand 2: WORKFLOW_SEND_CCTR_AT_OBJECT

In the editor, choose Function: WORKFLOW_STANDARD_QTY_CCTR_AT

In the editor, choose: AS_PLAN_QUANTITY_FACTOR

Business process

In the selection editor, choose:

as relational operand 1: SEND_PROCESS_OBJECT_NUMBER

as relational operand 2: WORKFLOW_SEND_BUS_PROC_OBJ

In the editor, choose: WORKFLOW_STD_QTY_BUS_PROC



Assigning the Template to the Business Process

Assign the template to the business process (for procedure, see Assigning Templates for Processes/Cost Centers).

See also:

Example: Workflow Integration



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