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Use the Parameters view to assign parameters to functions (with function reference).

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ABAP Parameters and External Parameters

A function module can have parameters. If this is the case, you must assign the corresponding ABAP parameters to the associated functions. Parameters that have already been applied are shown. If external names or descriptions of such parameters are changed, then these are valid for all applications of this parameter. You can choose any parameter here except PERIOD_FROM, PERIOD_CNT and CALL_PROG. You then assign each of these to a language-dependent external parameter; use the Explanation column to enter a commentary on the parameters.

Parameter Type and Default Value

The parameter types include:

Using Data Elements for Determining Possible Entries

By using F4 for parameters gives only those functions whose data elements match those of the parameters. You can enter the data element in the F4 data element column, or allow the R/3 System to take the data element from the corresponding function module.

If you enter an asterisk ( * ) in the F4 data element column, all functions appear for all instances of the parameter, as long as they are generally available in this context.

For more information, see Function Uses.




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