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Because templates for cost objects are dependent on materials and orders, the SAP System must select the appropriate template at the time of the valuation event. Template selection is based on the following assignment logic:

The SAP System selects the template based on the overhead structure, the distribution key, and the environment.


  1. In the Implementation Guide (IMG) of Activity-Based Costing, choose Templates ® Assigning templates for cost objects and calculations, or in the menu for Activity-Based Costing Period-end closing ® Current settings ® Assign templates to cost objects
  2. Enter the controlling area, costing sheet, overhead key and environment, and then the template to be applied.
  3. Save your entries.


The costing sheet must always be entered. Without a costing sheet, the template is not pulled and costs are not calculated.

Example Assigning Templates - Cost Objects

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


Only one template will be called up for each environment.

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