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With this template-allocation you can carry out job costing at the cost object level. In the SAP system, Cost objects represent operational job objects (for example production orders, sales orders and so on). You can couple a cost object with a product (for example, production order for a specific product), or, irrespective of product, a cost object can represent a certain job (for example, a trade fair order). Plan costs, which are periodically compared with incurred actual-costs, are recorded on cost objects.

You can use business processes or cost center/activity types as senders with template-allocation for cost objects. You can use the following cost objects as receivers (001 = number of the environment):

001: Material cost estimate/production orders (actual)

004: Network (actual)

005: WBS-Elements (plan and actual)

006: General cost objects/cost object hierarchy (actual)

007: Internal orders (plan and actual)

008: Customer orders (actual)

009: Process orders (actual)

010: Product cost collector (actual)

011: Service orders (actual)

012: CO-production orders (actual)


These include:


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