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The following functions allow you to create, change, and display business processes.


Changing Business Process Master Data

You may change basic data such as name, description, person responsible, and attributes as often as you wish..

You can change the business process currency and assignment to a node in the standard hierarchy only in certain cases (see Assignment Fields in Business Process Master Data).

Changing the assignment of the standard hierarchy to a group

You assign a business process to a hierarchy area for the entire lifetime of the business process. Therefore, changes to the assignment apply to the entire lifetime of the business process. The R/3 System does not accept the change otherwise. If you have divided the analysis into different periods, and now wish to choose the entire analysis period, then go to the dialogue box Analysis Period: Choose. There you need to either mark the entire Object interval list or simply press Enter.

Evaluations of standard hierarchies through older assignments to groups

You can only use the current assignment to evaluate the standard hierarchy through a group. To compare an evaluation from the current hierarchy with one from a previous hierarchy, save the previous group assignments as alternative hierarchies before changing the master data (that is, copy the original business process group under a new name to an alternative hierarchy).


You want to transfer business process BP10 in the standard hierarchy from group S04 to group S03. If you wish to make evaluations using the old assignment even after changing the master data:

Assignment to alternative business processes groups

In addition to business process groups, which are subordinate nodes to standard hierarchies, you can also create alternative business process groups that do not belong to standard hierarchies. A business process can only be assigned to one hierarchy group, but to any number of alternative business process groups which can also be used to control the evaluations. The assignment to an alternative group is not done in the master data of the business process, but rather in the maintainance of the business process groups (see: Business Process Groups and Pocessing Master Data Groups).


You can create and maintain business processes in the following transactions.



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