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You make assignments to organizational units in the business process master data.

Person Responsible

This field names the manager or supervisor of one business process.

Hierarchy Area

You must assign each business process to a Hierarchy Area . This is either a standard hierarchy of the business process itself, or a node from the standard hierarchy (that is, a business process group that belongs to the standard hierarchy; see: Business Process Groups).

Company code

In Customizing for the Activity-Based Costing component (CO-OM-ABC), you assign one or more company codes to your controlling area. A business process can be assigned to only one company code. If you define a one-to-one assignment between controlling area and company code, you cannot enter a company code in master data maintenance. The R/3 System sets the company code as default. If a one-to-one assignment does not exist (cross-company-code cost controlling), you can enter a company code in master data maintenance.

Business Area

When defining a company code, you can specify whether the R/3 System creates a balance sheet or a profit and loss (P/L) statement for the business area. If you assign a business process to this company code, you must specify the business area in the business process master data as well.


Object Currency

The SAP System uses the controlling area currency as object currency. However, you can change the object currency when you create a business process.


If you activate the Variant company code currency indicator for the controlling area that is, if the company code currency differs from the controlling area currency in at least one company code the SAP System adopts the company code currency as the object currency. The Object currency field does not appear in this case.

The object currency is valid for one fiscal year only. You also cannot change it during a fiscal year.

Changes in object currency during the fiscal year would result in inconsistent total values due to currency translation fluctuations. Therefore, the SAP System does not permit these changes .


You can change the object currency only if you have not posted plan or actual values on the object in question.

Profit center

In the Implementation Guide (IMG) for the Activity-Based Costing component, you determine whether the Profit Center Accounting component (EC-PCA) is active for the controlling area. If the Profit Center Accounting component is active, a warning message appears if you do not enter a profit center in the business process master data.


You can assign a template to a business process or use it for the formula planning (see Assigning templates for processes/cost centers or. Assigning Templates for Processes (Formula Planning).

You can provide a costing sheet in case you need to determine such overhead costs ( see : Maintaining costing sheet).



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