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The SAP System makes it possible to group business processes. The groups can contain business processes or other groups.


When you create a business process, you must assign it to a group, which can be either the Standard Hierarchy itself or a business process group that belongs to the standard hierarchy. The standard hierarchy is the business process group that you create before you define the first business process. You can create additional business process groups as subordinate nodes under the standard hierarchy.

In addition to business process groups, which are subordinate nodes to standard hierarchies, you can also create alternative business process groups that do not belong to standard hierarchies. A business process can be assigned to only one hierarchy group, but to any number of alternative business process groups.

You can use business process groups as selection criteria, for example, for planning, allocations, price calculations, price calculations and generation of reports. This makes it possible to choose business processes for editing or evaluating during one operation. Because you can define many different groups, you can create those most appropriate for your needs. You can create user-defined business process groups, for example, for special planning and allocation purposes.

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