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Integrated Activity-Based Costing (ABC) fully integrates the Activity-Based Costing component (CO-OM-ABC) in the value flow of the Controlling component (CO), in particular the Product Cost Controlling component (CO-PC) and the Profitability Analysis component (CO-PA). Integrated ABC posts costs and quantities as real values, not statistical ones, to the participating objects.

Integrated ABC in Manufacturing Industries

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Integrated ABC requires a radical rethinking of cost accounting as part of the overall managerial accounting strategy, with corresponding organizational restructuring requirements.

Activating an Integrated Activity-Based Costing

To activate integrated ABC in the Implementation Guide (IMG) for the Activity-Based Costing component, choose Controlling ® Overhead Controlling ® Activity-Based Costing ® Activating Activity-Based Costing in Controlling Area. Select a controlling area and choose Activate components/control indicators. Set the Activity-Based Costing indicator to "Component active for parallel and integrated calculation".

For the Activity-Based Costing component, this means:

You must activate integrated ABC for each separate controlling area.

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