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In contrast to the cycle counting inventory, the cycle counting inventory at quant level is not based on the storage bin, but rather on the individual quants in your warehouse.



Regardless of the default values that you can specify in the Customizing for Warehouse Management under Activities ® Physical Inventory ® Define Default Values for other inventory procedures, the system always enters the material and the storage bin on the physical inventory document.


If you use cycle counting inventory at quant level, the system does not set the inventory block for the entire storage bin. It sets the block instead for the quant to be inventoried.

You count only the selected materials, not all materials in the storage bin. If you manage storage bins with mixed storage, these storage bins are accessible for stock movements with other quants.

There can be open transfer orders for all materials that were not flagged for cycle counting in the inventory document. You can also create transfer orders for these materials during the inventory.

The system saves the inventory data at quant level.


In a stock movement, if you move a quant from one storage bin to another, the system deletes the quant in the source storage bin and creates a new quant in the destination storage bin.

Because the system stores the inventory data for the cycle counting inventory at quant level in the quant data, any inventory data that you previously entered is lost in this type of stock transfer.


To create physical inventory documents at quant level for the cycle counting inventory, choose Logistics Execution ® Internal Whse Processes ® Physical Inventory ® In Warehouse Management ® Physical Inventory Document ® Create ® Cycle Counting or Cycle Counting per Quant.

To obtain an evaluation about the progress of the cycle counting, choose Logistics Execution ® Internal Whse Processes ® Information System ® Warehouse ® Physical Inventory ® With Bin Inventory Management ® Evaluation of Quant Inventory.

If you generate inventory documents for the cycle counting inventory at quant level, these documents are active immediately. In this case, you cannot schedule the physical inventory in advance by first generating the inventory documents and activating them at a later point.

The system immediately blocks the affected quants for all other stock movements.



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