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This function lets you copy all the data in the selected range to the clipboard.

You can select any of the following:

You can only paste a row into a another row if the target row is ready for input. Consequently, the screen must contain rows that are ready for input before you can copy entire rows to the clipboard.

You can select an entire row or column by clicking on the row or column header. To select a block, use the Select block function. You can also select areas by positioning the cursor. The system interprets the cursor position as follows:

Where is the cursor?

What is selected?

in a lead column (not a blank row)

the row where the cursor is positioned

on a data cell (not a blank row)

the cell where the cursor is positioned

any other position




If you have explicitly selected a block or entire column, the system ignores the cursor position.


When you choose Copy, the values contained in the selected cells are copied to the clipboard. The contents are the clipboard are

The function Paste lets you insert the values from the clipboard to another position on the entry screen.






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