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You use resource prices to valuate resource consumption in planning.



In the Customizing for your application, you specified a pricing strategy by choosing Planning ® Manual Planning ® Resource Planning ® Pricing Strategy (see also Pricing).


Once you have defined your pricing strategy, you then maintain resource prices as follows:

  1. Choose Planning ® Cost/activity input ® Change ® Extras ® Resource planning ® Maintain prices.
  2. Select a condition type and choose Condition records from the tree structure.
  3. Choose an access sequence.
  4. Enter the controlling area, version, and fiscal year.
  5. Choose New entries.
  6. Maintain resource prices by entering data in the following fields:
    1. Resources
    2. From Period
    3. Amount
    4. Currency
    5. Price Unit
    6. Unit of measure
  7. Save your entries.



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