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The packing station dialog is suitable for recording which delivery items in which handling units were actually delivered to the ship-to party (or to you by the vendor) in the system. The delivery specialist’s packing proposals can also be updated and new handling units can be assembled for deliveries.


You can call up the packing station dialog from the SAP menu as follows:

Unless there is a packing station profile maintained for your terminal ID, the initial screen for the packing station appears.

  1. Select a packing station profile that you could use to pack deliveries, if that is what you plan to pack.
  2. Enter the delivery that you want to pack.

You are now in the packing station dialog.

  1. You can make the following entries in the Handling unit field, which is located in the top section of the screen (HU into which items will be packed):

Select the Pack material tab in the lower section of the screen (To be packed). The delivery items that are available to be packed appear.

  1. Enter the material number of the delivery item that you want to pack in the Material/Handling unit field.


You can also enter the EAN number in this field instead of the material number. This is especially useful if a scanner is connected to the computer (at the packing station), since it enables you to scan handling units during the packing process.

  1. After confirming the material, enter the quantity that is to be packed in the Qty field. If you want to unpack, enter a negative quantity in this field.

After you confirm the quantity, the system packs the corresponding delivery item into the handling unit you selected.

You can refer to the hierarchical overview on the left-hand side of the screen at any time to see how many delivery items are packed into which handling units.

Packing Handling Units

If you want to pack one handling unit into another handling unit, create a new "higher-level" handling unit (by entering a packaging material) and enter the identification of the handling unit that is to be packed in the Material/Handling unit field.


If you enter the identification of the handling unit that you just packed in this field once again, the system unpacks that handling unit.



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