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Release notes describe the new functions and changes in each SAP release. Using the Help menu, you can display release notes for any SAP application and release. You can also search for release notes using keywords and attributes.

Whenever you receive a new SAP release, you should review the release notes. The release notes describe new functions that may affect the task you perform in the system. They also describe how to change Customizing and installation parameters before upgrading from one SAP release to another.


You can display release notes in the SAP Library or from within the SAP System.

To display release notes in the SAP System, proceed as follows:

  1. From the menu, choose Help ® Release notes.
  2. The Find Release Notes screen appears.

  3. For a list of all release notes, choose Complete list 3.0/3.1 or Complete list from 4.0.
  4. Highlight the release notes for the SAP version you want to see, and choose Choose.
  5. A hierarchical list of the available release notes appears, with plus signs [+] to the left of every item that has sublists.

  6. Display one of the release note sublists by double-clicking it.
  7. The sublist appears, containing release notes, more sublists, or both. You can identify a set of release notes by the fact that no plus or minus sign appears to the left of it.

  8. Repeat step 3 until you see the desired release notes.
  9. Double-click the release notes you want to display.

The release notes appear. To print the selected release notes, choose Print.

Searching for Release Notes

You can search for release notes by keyword or by attribute.

A keyword is a term associated with a release note, such as "Purchasing" for release notes in purchasing.

An attribute refers to the type of information the release note contains. You can narrow the search for release notes by choosing the attributes of the release notes you want to display. For example, a release note has the attribute Changes to Customizing parameters if the new function requires a change in your systemís Customizing parameters. Thus, if you want to display all release notes requiring a change to Customizing, you can list all release notes with this attribute.

To search for release notes:

  1. From the menu bar, choose Help ® Release notes.
  2. To search by keyword, choose Full text search.
  3. To search for release notes that contain only a certain type of information, choose Attribute search.
  4. Enter your search criteria (keywords or attributes).
  5. Choose Find.

The system displays any release notes that match your search criteria.

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