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Many reports have variants. If you do not know which variants are available, you can display a list of variants attached to a report. You can also view the contents of a variant before you choose it.


  1. From the menu bar, choose System ® Services ® Reporting.
  2. In the Program field, enter the report name. (If you do not know the name, see Finding the Name of a Report You Want to Execute.)
  3. From the application toolbar, choose Overview of variants.
  4. All the variants attached to the report appear.
  5. To view the contents of the variant, place the cursor on a variant and choose Variants ® Display values.
  6. To use the variant, highlight the variant and choose Execute with variant.
  7. The system displays the selection screen for the report, complete with data.


If a variant has not been created for this report, you receive the error message Variant for program <program name> does not exist.

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