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If the vendor grants you a credit memo on a quantity or a value basis, you can then send this credit memo directly to your customer.

The billing type Third-party credit memo (G2S) is available for this. The billing type Third-party credit memo works with the item category TASG (third-party credit memo item). The Billing-relevance indicator F is set in Customizing for Sales for this item category. This means that the cost is not created. In Customizing for Sales, the item category TASG is set at item level in copying control for the billing type G2S (copying control sales document by billing document) as the target item category (source: TAS-> Target:> TASG.)

Process Flow

Create a billing documente with billing type Third-party credit memo (for further information, see the section Structure linkCreating a billing document in the Billing document). Enter the third-party order as a document still to be processed. The quantities are automatically removed from the invoice.

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