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Quitting messages while sales documents are being processed is often time consuming. Therefore, messages are collected during processing, in the form of a log. You can then deal with them at the end of your work session.


The following messages are collected in the form of a log:

Message group

(Message category) Message number

Set deletion flag check

(from PP component)

Check item data


Check copy item

(V1)474, (V1)475, (V1)316, (V1)473, (V2)104, (V2)105, (V2)106, (V2)107, (V2)108, (V2)109, (V2)110

Process assembly

(V1)748, (V1)798, (V1)378

Process purchase requisitions

(V1)798, (V1)619, (V1)092, (V1)796


You can display the messages using the Log button in the sales document, and work through them at the end of your work session. The Log button is only displayed if messages are in the log. The button is displayed in the Overview screen on the Overview for schedule lines. The log cannot be saved. When you save the sales document, the log is automatically deleted.


Adding further messages from the SAP standard to the log cannot be proposed by the cusotomer himself. SAP will expand the range of messages copied to the log step for step in the following Releases.

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Further information on working with the log can be found in the documentation for base value in the sections:


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