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If you want to carry out resource planning without adopting the standard planner profile SAPR&R, you must define your own planner profile and planning layout.


To plan primary costs at resource level, proceed as follows:

  1. Select a planner profile for resource planning such as the standard planner profile SAPR&R.

To do so, in your application choose Planning ® Set planner profile.

  1. Choose Planning ® Cost element/activity input ® Change.
  2. Select a planning layout for resource planning.

To change existing plans or create new ones, choose Change. In the overview screen you can enter the fixed and variable plan consumption for a resource. You use a distribution key to distribute the plan values to the fiscal year periods. You can either select a standard distribution key or define your own. On the period screen, you can also distribute your period values manually to the individual periods.

If you have stored a price for the resource (see: Pricing) the system revaluates the consumption using this resource price (see also Revaluating Resource Planning )

For more information about planning and changing planning screens, see Executing Manual Planning and Techniques for Supporting Manual Planning





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