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A summarized JIT call contains a delivery date by which the vendor must deliver the requested quantity of materials to supply production. You have the option of defining a scheduling agreement for your material requirements using an exact time.

For a summarized JIT call with several items, the item with the earliest date defines when the material must be delivered to this JIT call.

You determine the delivery date in varying ways, according to whether you create the summarized JIT call according to classic or event-driven KANBAN.


You have maintained the necessary data for the summarized JIT call. Please also read the section Creating and Transmitting a Summarized JIT Call.

If you want to determine a specific delivery date, you should have added the following settings:


In classic KANBAN the delivery date is the sum of the JIT call creation time and the material replenishment lead time.

You enter the replenishment lead time and, if applicable, the calculation profile (you only need the calculation profile when scheduling to the minute) on creating the control cycle on the tabstrip KANBAN calculation.

If a kanban is set to EMPTY at 10.00, for example, and the replenishment lead time is 5 hours, then the kanban must be delivered at 15.00 at the latest (assuming that the shift sequence is not broken). This is forward scheduling.

This point in time serves as the basis for requirements grouping. In this way you can group kanbans, which you need within one shift. The system groups all the kanbans together, by basing the delivery date of the entire quantity of materials on the item with the earliest date (e.g. shift sequence).

In event-driven KANBAN you generate an empty container and when creating a delivery date you give both the date and the time.

If you do not give the delivery date when creating a container, in other words if it is to be forward scheduled, then you must enter the replenishment lead time and (for scheduling to the minute) the calculation profile in the control cycle on the tabstrip KANBAN calculation.

The delivery date forms the basis of requirements grouping. The system can group all requirements, whose delivery dates are in the same period, to one JIT call (from various control cycles).

To group material requirements, please read Grouping Kanbans to a Summarized JIT call.




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