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This process describes how to procure materials from a vendor using a JIT call.


NoteYour material must be assigned to a storage location.

If necessary you must also make scheduling entries in the control cycle. Please also read the section Determination of Delivery Date

Process Flow

  1. You set a kanban to EMPTY or you generate an event-driven kanban.
  2. The system either creates a new summarized JIT call or attaches the requirement as an item to an existing summarized JIT call.
  3. To group material requirements, please also see Grouping Kanbans to a Summarized JIT Call.

  4. The system accesses the message determination in case a new JIT call is generated. The system determines the appropriate message by means of your Customizing settings for message determination and your condition records. Please read the section on Structure of the Message Determination .
  5. You transmit the message to the vendor.

You can transmit the message at various times:

For the last two options you create a list of messages with help from selection criteria. You can transmit the desired message from this list to the vendor. See also Create a Summarized JIT Call, Transmit a Summarized JIT Call.

NoteYou determine the time of the output in Customizing on creating a Message type under Default values in the field Time.




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