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In contrast to the template-allocations (for cost objects, profitability segment, and others) the template-application is carried out implicitly during the normal cost calculation work steps, and not explicitly in its own transactions. Together with this, the template helps direct the overhead cost allocations from business processes or cost center/activity types to the costing object (see: Structure link Overhead costs).

You can apply the template in plan through:

Choose Template for Cost Objects and Cost Estimates in the standard cost estimate.

The template ascertains which overhead costs are used and to which extent. It also determines how these costs are assigned to the product. You can find the template through the costing sheet in the valuation variant (see: Assigning Templates for Cost Objects and Cost Estimates).


You can assign overhead costs in actual through the template, while you execute a template-allocation in the period-end closing of cost object controlling (see: Template Allocation in Actual).



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