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You can transmit the message to your JIT call at various times. In Customizing for KANBAN enter the dispatch time for the corresponding message under Define message type for summarized JIT call (under Default settings). You have the following options:

The advantage of this process is that you can choose messages with specific selection criteria via a report and you can transmit these in an operation.


If you have chosen indicator 3, you issue your messages manually:

  1. Starting in the kanban menu, select JIT call ® Message output.
  2. The screen Messages from JIT calls appears.

  3. Enter the selection criteria to display the message(s) to be issued. You can select the following criteria amongst others:

In this way you receive all messages for the selected output type.

The mode 'First Processing' is given as standard so that the list only contains messages that are being issued for the first time.

Selects all messages for this JIT call or for these JIT calls.

Selects all messages within this period.

  1. Press Execute .
  2. You receive a list with messages according to the criteria entered.

  3. Mark the message(s) that you would like to transmit.
  4. Select Edit.

The system issues the selected message(s). If you use EDI or e-mail the system issues the message to the vendor. If you are printing, the system issues the message to the printer, which you have entered on creating the condition record.


You can change the dispatch time after creating the summarized JIT call with Change JIT call ® Change message, if the message has not been issued. Please also read the section Display or Change Summarized JIT Call




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