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This function displays the following information for each cell of the chosen template or for each row of the template evaluation:

Through the details, you can view the results of the template evaluation, how these were reached and how the template columns were built.


You have executed a template evaluation. You can do this in Structure Breakdown or when the Results of an allocation are displayed.


The application toolbar of the detailed screen shows two buttons with which you can display flexible functions for activation or quantity columns. With the arrow button you set the desired display period (in case you want to make the analysis for several periods).

The system displays four fields with information regarding the chosen columns, periods and reference objects.

The main section of the screen shows four display areas: Formula/Methods, Results, Function list, and Field contents.


Field or Display



Chosen columns of the template

Reference object

Allocation object (displayed only with quantity column)

Period evaluation

Possible periods, for which data can be displayed

Actual periods

To display chosen periods


Displays the formula (with quantity column) or method (with object and activation column) applied. Names of the applied functions are shown. Uses the template columns of a function with parameters; the function name appears in short form, such as F1, F2, and so on. The function and its parameters are listed in the Function list


The results of the template evaluation are shown here. If you display the details in the form of an expanded structure (where the structure of the column is shown and no allocations occur), you will see the entered base values

Function list

Applied functions and their parameters are shown here as well as the interim results of the allocations

Field content:

Displays the field contents for accessed functions

Buttons Activate Flexible Buttons / Flexible Function Quantity

Use this button to construct a cell with the aid of a flexible function. Clicking here only displays the data of the flexible function. Shown in Formula/Method are the parts of the flexible function. The Function List parameters in these parts (with the exception of the results run) are accessed by the flexible function

Arrow Button

Choose the period for which you want to see data (in case you want analyses for several periods)



More information on template evaluations can be found in the following documents:

Example: Object Determination

Example: Quantity Determination

Example: Activation



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