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Document display enables you to display the documents of CO actual cost postings and plan postings. You can only display documents for plan postings if plan line items are updated. To do this, you need to activate the Integrated planning indicator for each fiscal year in the default settings in the Implementation Guide (IMG) for General Controlling ® Maintain Versions .

The system always displays a complete document, regardless of which Controlling objects ( cost centers for example) are affected.

For cost allocation, this means that you can also see the credit posting on the partner object. In the line item report you see which partner object is involved, but you do not see the posted values unless you have also selected the partner object.

For actual primary postings you can branch into the original documents in Financial Accounting. You can also view purely CO documents arising from repostings of costs and revenues, as well as activity allocation documents.

For more information on the functions in the basic list for displaying documents, see Basic List for Document Display .


For incorrect line items, you can directly trigger an adjustment posting from the report of the document display by choosing Extras ® Correction request (see Structure link Request for Adjustment Postings in the Intranet).




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