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In the line item report and the document display you can change existing header rows and insert new ones.


You define a header row for line item reports and document displays by display variant. The header rows are imported, transported, and copied together with the display variant for line item reports and document displays.


1. To maintain header rows, choose Settings ® Current display variant ® Current header rows.

2. Change the header rows based on your requirements.

To insert new rows, select the area beneath the last row or the row beneath the insertion point for the new row and choose Insert row.

To delete entries, select the row and choose Cut.

You can enter texts or select variables. The R/3 System fills the variables with the current values when you call up the line item report.

To insert general text variables, choose General variables.

General variables include current page number, display variant name, local time, filter characteristics, and text constants displayed in the relevant logon language.

To insert text variables for characteristics, choose Characteristics. The characteristics appear based on the type of line item report or document display.

A characteristic variable represents data for the characteristics used in the report definition. Characteristics include posting date, fiscal year, and controlling area. You must always enter characteristics with a text type and a value. Text type selections include the name, value, short text, or long text for a given selection parameter. Values include individual values, value/group, value "from", and value "to" for a given characteristic.

To define a corresponding frame, choose Frame.

3. Save your header row changes.

For more information on creating report texts, see the R/3 library under AC Financials ® FI - Financial Accounting ® FI Special Purpose Ledger ® Report Writer ® Report Writer Reports ® Defining Report Texts (see: Structure link Defining Report Texts).






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