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The line item report display lists all the data records you selected in the initial screen. You can change the layout of this list using the following functions:


You can analyze your dataset in the line item report using the following ABAP List Viewer functions (see: Structure link ABAP List Viewer):


Structure link Navigating in Lists


Structure link Selecting Details


Structure link Sorting Ascending or Descending Lists


Structure link Setting and Deleting Filters


Structure link Totaling Values and Deleting Totals

Structure link Building Subtotals

Displaying Totals Rows Only and Breaking Down Totals

Displaying and Hiding Non-Totals Rows for Subtotals

Structure link Selecting Totals Levels

Structure link Determining Drilldown for Totals Levels

Status Display

Structure link Displaying List Statuses


Structure link Optimizing Column Widths

Structure link Fixing to Columns and Revoking Fixings

Structure link Layouts

Structure link Selecting Layouts

Structure link Changing Layouts

Structure link Saving Layouts

Structure link Managing Layouts

Basic List

Structure link Displaying Basic Lists


Structure link Searching for Terms


Structure link Printing Lists


Structure link Sending Lists as Documents

Saving Lists in the Report Tree

Structure link Saving Lists as Files


The following additional functions are available:

Source documents and accounting documents

Displaying Source Documents and Accounting Documents

Master Data Records

Displaying Master Records

Selection criteria and selection logs

Displaying Selection Criteria and Selection Logs

Header rows

Maintaining Header Rows







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