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1. To limit the selection screen to given value types, choose Extras ® Select value types.


The table lists the standard value types in the system.

Standard Settings for Value Types

Line Item Report

Standard Value Types

Plan line item report

01 Plan

Actual line item report

04 Actual


11 Statistical actual

Commitment line item report

21 Commitment from procurement


22 Commitment from purchase order


23 Commitment from reservation


24 Manual commitment


26 Commitment from fixed price agreement


Until Release 3.1, the line item report for actual costs defaulted all value types. In Release 4.0, the defaults were changed according to the table above.

2. The following ABAP List Viewer functions are available in the value type list:

Select detail (see: Structure link Select Detail)

Search by (see: Structure link Searching for Terms)

Mark all and Delete all markings (see: Structure link Marking Rows and Deleting Markings)

Sort in ascending order and Sort in descending order (see: Structure link Sorting List in Ascending or Descending Order)

Set filter (see: Structure link Setting and Deleting Filter)

Define current display variants (see: Structure link Defining Current Display Variants)

3. In the Select Value Types dialog box, select the desired value types.

4. Choose Confirm to leave the dialog box.




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