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Line item reports enable you to select individual posting documents. Controlling contains line item reports for the following components:


You can use the following line items reports for the analysis:

You can display line item reports for archived actual costs (see: Reading Standard Reports from the Archive).

You use these reports to update plan line items. To do so, in Customizing under Controlling General ® Controlling, choose Organization ® Maintain Versions and activate the Integrated planning indicator in the settings for each fiscal year.

You can use this report in both Cost Center Accounting and in Overhead Orders.

To call up the selection screen, go to the Cost Element Accounting menu and choose Information system ® Reports for Cost Element Accounting ® Document Display ® Reconciliation Ledger: CO Line Items.

For more information on cost center line item reports, see Cost Centers: Actual Line Item Report, Cost Centers: Commitments Line Item Report and Cost Centers: Plan Line Item Report.

For more information on business process line item reports, see Structure link Business Processes: Plan Line Items and Structure link Business Processes: Actual Line Items


If there are any incorrect line items, you can trigger an adjustment posting directly from the report by choosing Extras ® Correction request (see Structure link Request for Adjustment Postings in the Intranet).


You can select line item reports according to the following parameters:

The selection screen enables application-wide use of the line item report. In the selection screen you can limit the selection according to object type, partner object type, and other selection criteria. You can access the line item report from the selection screen.

You can use the enhancement COOMEP01 to add to additional fields in the line item report. To do so, in Customizing for the relevant application component, choose Information System ® Standard Reports ® Enhancements for Line Item Reports.

Standard Variants

You can format the list using display variants contained in the standard system. You can also define your own display variants.

For more information on displaying the line item report, see Displaying the Line Item Report.


If you are working with transfer prices (multiple valuation approaches) you can select the required valuation approach (with which the line item report is displayed) in the initial screen for the line item report. You do this on the line item report initial screen by choosing Extras ® Data source.

For more information on transfer prices, see Structure link Multiple Valuation Approaches.

In the SAP standard display variants, the value fields in the controlling area currency were replaced with the value fields in the report currency. This enables you to display/print line item reports in any currency. For more information on report currency, see the IMG for Cost Center Accounting under Information System ® User Settings ® Specify User Settings.

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