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  1. To execute a planning overview, from the Controlling menu (Cost Center Accounting, Internal Orders, Activity Based Costing, and so on) choose Information system ® Reports on Cost Center Accounting or Activity-Based Costing.
  2. The planning overview is found under Planning overview

  3. On the initial screen, choose Planning Overview ® Background Processing. or This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Execute Multiple Times with Quick-Info Execute Multiple Times (switch +F8).
  4. In the initial screen of the planning overview, enter the object for the report.
  5. Depending on the planning overview, this is:

    A cost center or a cost center group

    In addition, enter an activity type if you want to limit the report to a single activity type.

    A business process or a business process group.

  6. Enter the report parameters in the selection screen.
  7. Fiscal year

    From/to period


  8. Depending on the planning overview, you can select various lists to be displayed in the overview.
  9. The standard default for all planning overviews include the lists of cost elements and statistical key figures.

    Additionally, the planning overview for cost centers includes the lists of activity types, and the planning overview for business processes includes the list of process quantities.

  10. Determine the row structure of your report. You can display the rows in the planning overview by period (Period breakdown) or by line item (Line item breakdown).
  11. Decide whether to display cost elements planned with value 0 (Display rows with zeros).
  12. Choose one of the existing variants for the column structure of your lists.
  13. Assign a name to your background job.
  14. Choose Execute or Planning overview ® Execute.
  15. In the dialog box, enter the print parameters (printer, number of copies) for your background job, and choose Print. Your background job is now scheduled.
  16. Release your background job.

The R/3 System executes the job at the selected time. Choose Refresh to check the status in the job overview.




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