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1. To carry out multiple selection from the Cost Center Accounting initial screen, choose Information system ® Tools ® Report Painter.

2. From the Report Painter initial screen, choose Report Writer ® Execute report group.

3. Enter the required Report Group in the initial screen. User F4 help to choose from the list of available report groups.

4. Choose Multiple selection or Utilities ® Multiple selection.

5. In the initial screen of multiple selection you vary the data selection criteria by entering value intervals and by activating or deactivating indicators.

Fixed Values:

If you enter fixed values such as From period and To period, you cannot carry out multiple selection.

Vary Values:

Interval values in the Controlling Area, Fiscal Year , and Version fields enable you to create multiple reports involving all possible combinations of fiscal year, version and controlling area.

Vary Sets:

For cost center and cost element groups you activate/deactivate the fixed and hierarchy indicators.

a) If the fixed indicator is activated, a report is generated only for the entered cost center or cost element group. When the fixed indicator is deactivated, the group detail is expanded. The degree of detail is determined by the hierarchy indictor.

b) If the hierarchy indicator is active, the system generates reports for all subordinate groups in addition to the selected cost center group or cost element group. If the hierarchy indicator is inactive, the system generates reports only for the lowest cost center or cost element groups in the hierarchy.

6. Choose Output parameters to select further parameters. Choose Create extracts to make the necessary settings for Extracts . See the options under Executing Report Painter Reports and steps 4 and 5 above.

7. Test run:

If the indicator Test run is active, variations executed online will only generate a log of the variations in values posted for the report output.

If you do not activate the indicator, the system releases reports based on the entries you made. Depending on the output medium, the output lists are written to the spool file or exported to a sequential file.


Because multiple selection is very time-consuming, you should check before report output whether the reports were given the correct entry values. This is especially important if value intervals are among the entry values to be canceled. To do so, activate the Test run indicator.

8. Menu Entries and Functions Menu entries and functions in the initial screen for multiple selection have the same functional capabilities as those in the initial selection screen. See: Executing Report-Painter Report).

9. Display and Print Reports

You can review and print files which have been created in multiple selection in the spool file.

To do so, choose:

System ® Services ® Print request

You receive a list of the print jobs contained in the spool file.


If you wish to print one or more reports for which you have multiple selected data entry values, you must activate the Output reports indicator in the initial screen of multiple selection and deactivate the Test run indicator.




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