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If you save reports in extracts, you can access this data at any time without an additional selection run in the database.

You can create extracts:

With extract management you can:


If you make changes to a report definition that affects the selection screen, then the system cannot use the corresponding selection criteria to locate extracts already saved. However, these are still available in Extract Management


Extracts exist for Report Painter reports.


  1. From the menu of the relevant Overhead Cost Controlling component (such as Cost Center Accounting) or in Cost and Revenue Element Accounting, choose Information system ® Tools ® Extract directory.
  2. On the selection screen for extract maintenance, enter the criteria according to which you want to select extracts.
  1. Choose Execute. The system displays a list of all extracts that meet your selection criteria.
  2. Display extract

To display an extract, select the extract and choose Display. The system displays the relevant extract.

  1. Delete extracts

To delete the extract, select it and choose Delete. If you choose yes when the system inquires if the selected extracts are to be deleted, the system then deletes those extracts.


The system deletes the extracts if the release status is changed (for example from Release 4.0 to 4.5). Once a maintenance level has been changed (for example from Release 4.5A to 4.5B), the extracts that you saved previously are available once again.

  1. Print extracts

The system prints the selected extracts.

  1. Change expiration dates of extracts

If you do not want the extract to be deleted, choose No expiration date. This is useful when, for example, you are going to run the report at an unspecified later date, or if the report run takes an extremely long time.


Before you execute a report, you can call up extract management from the corresponding selection screen by choosing Environment ® Extracts. This enables you to have all the functions available:

For information on extract management, see Customizing for Cost Center Accounting under Information System ® User Settings ® Specify Settings for Extract Management.





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